As an Official

Picture of Referees

Have whistle, will travel.

Officials are a HUGE part of roller derby. They keep score, track penalties, and eject those players who get carried away during the heat of battle.

For skating officials, we will train you through our Roller Derby 101 program on the basics of the game. After that, join us a few times a month at practices: help out  during drills, referee scrimmages and learn the rules and regulations inside and out. An ability to travel occasionally to away games and tournaments is also a real asset, not to mention a lot of fun.

If skating isn’t right for you, don’t let FOMO get the best of you! Join us as a non-skating officials. You keep the game moving and regulated by tracking penalties, points, and percentages. Surprise: it takes more non-skating officials than referees or players on the track to keep the game running. We’re always looking for volunteers!

Ready to jump in or want more info? Email us at

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