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Joining OVRD as a New Skater:

OVRD is a league committed to developing the best roller derby players in Ottawa. New skaters are given a chance to develop their skills at our beginners training program, Roller Derby 101. This training occurs before you are integrated into league practice. We offer a safe and inclusive space for you to develop your skating and derby skills.

Roller Derby 101 is designed to teach the basics of roller derby to new and novice skaters. We train both players and referees. There is no obligation to join the league after you’ve completed the program. 

All genders aged 18 and up are welcome in our league!

We’re looking for athletically minded people who are enthusiastic to skate hard and join a supportive community that is committed to inclusion.

Click here for more details on registration!

If you have any questions, please email us at

Joining OVRD as a transfer:

If you are an experienced roller derby player moving to Ottawa and want to join our league, please e-mail us at 

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