Ottawa Valley Roller Derby is a WFTDA certified, full-contact, flat-track, roller derby league based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We are an merge or amalgamation of two Ottawa-based leagues that existed since 2008: Rideau Valley Roller Derby and Capital City Derby Dolls. 

Our vision:
We come together united to be known and respected as a fun and competitive league that holds the wellbeing of our community members at top priority. We strive to create a culture that is encouraging, hard working, and inclusive for all. 

We are a non-profit collective run by the members, for the members. And anyone can become a member! For more information on membership, email info@ottawavalleyrollerderby.com.

Want more info? E-mail info@ottawavalleyrollerderby.com.

Who can join OVRD?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to join our league as a player, official, or coach. Anyone over the age of 16 can volunteer at one of our home games. You can find more information about how to join us as a player (new, transferring, or visiting), as an official, or as a volunteer

What is the time commitment to being a member of OVRD?

We won’t sugar coat it — roller derby can be quite time consuming, especially if you want to play at the highest competitive level. We currently run just one practice a week as we regain our footing and members return to skate. While 100% attendance is not realistic and therefore not expect, we do expect league members to attend as many practices and events as possible. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, we had a policy of a minimum of 50% attendance at practice bring required in order to maintain your status as an active skater with the Ottawa Valley Roller Derby. Individual teams, like the All-Stars, often have even higher attendance requirements. While we continue to rebuild from the losses of the pandemic, we understand that attendance may be difficult for skaters and so we simply encourage members to attend as much as they are currently able to.

How much does it cost to be a member of OVRD?

There is an annual membership fee of $60 per year to be eligible to participate in and vote on league business. In addition, all OVRD players pay league dues of $50 per month. Our dues pay for practice space rental and the purchase of game supplies and equipment.