Roller Derby Double Header – Saturday April 2nd

Double the trouble when the Rideau Valley Roller Girls go up against the Royal City Roller Girls, and then play a home team match up. 2 games of full-contact flat-track roller derby at the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena on Saturday April 2nd!


RVRG presents: a Roller Derby Double Header
Game 1: Vixens (RVRG) vs.
Brute Leggers (Guelph, ON)
Game 2: RVRG Riot Squad vs
RVRG Slaughter Daughters

Doors open at 5:30pm and the action of the first game begins at 6pm.


$10 in advance or $12 at the door.
(Kids 10 and under free. Limit 2 per adult please.)
Advance tickets are available Online at:

Beer? Oh we got it. Delicious Clocktower brew is available for sale on the slab before, during and after both games. Bring your ID and camping chairs if you want to settle in comfortably in the Clocktower Beer Garden. (Sorry, alcohol is not permitted in the tiered seating.)

Check out the Facebook Event to share with all your cool friends and family!

Approximate Schedule for April 2nd:

5:30 / Doors open and the Clocktower Beer Garden begins serving!
6pm / Bout 1 – Vixens vs Brute Leggers
60 minutes of gameplay with 10 min intermission at Half time
8:00 (ish) / Bout 2 – Riot Squad vs Slaughter Daughters
10:00 – Close / Clocktower Beer Garden remains open at the arena for a bit of post-game debauchery

About the Teams:

Game #1

As strategic as they are tough, RVRG’s chartered team is a rising force in WTFDA rankings. This all-star roster features players from RVRG’s three home teams, including two members of Team Canada and several skaters from Team Ontario. The Vixens have been rolling since 2010, rising up the ranks in WFTDA standings to earn a spot at the division 1 championships in 2015.  They are currently placed 37th in the WFTDA rankings.

Brute Leggers

A pack of smooth grifters, hot headhunting honeys, and devastating dames, the Brute-Leggers are a blast from Guelph’s mobster past.  They’re sharp-looking, fast-talking, and always up for a good ‘ol wingding.  But when you get wise to these broads, you’ll see they’re more than just a pack of snazzy dames.  They deal in giggle juice, gats and sourdough, and they’re no strangers to the big house.  Frequenting speakeasys and gin mills, the Brute-Leggers always have the low down on the gritty underground buzz.  They’ve got real muscle, they’re hard-boiled leg breakers!  Don’t cross these wild dames, or before you can blink your peepers, you’ll wind up in a double-decker coffin!

Game #2

Riot Squad

Now this home team isn’t afraid to get a little rowdy. After battling it out with teams across Eastern Canada for the past few seasons, Riot Squad is ready to mess up any other RVRG home team that tries to stand between them and the Championship title.  As of the start of the 2016 season, they are the #1 ranked home team in Canada.  The Daughters and Prime Sinisters best get ready to put up a fight. Let’s go RIOT!

Slaughter Daughters

The Slaughter Daughters are out for blood. The Daughters were ranked number one in 2012 and 2013 on the Canadian Roller Derby Ranking for home teams and they’re not ready to give that up. With their killer roster and coaching staff, the other RVRG home teams better watch their backs. Kill, Kill, Hate, Hate, Murder, Murder, Mutilate. not literally 😉

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