A recap of Beaver Fever 2015

by Wreck Therapy

It was a great weekend for derby in Waterloo for the first-ever Beaver Fever tournament, hosted by the lovely ladies of Tri-City Roller Derby.

Both Vixens and Sirens had an amazing weekend. Here’s how it all “skated” out:

The Vixens started the tournament facing off with Green Mountain Derby Dames Grade ‘A’ Fancy(Essex Junction, VT). GMDD was leading the way at the half with a score of 125-55. In the second period, jammers Soul Rekker, Austin, and Sister Disaster twirled and juked their way to a solid 230-92 victory.

Our all-star B team, the Sirens, were also given two games at Beaver Fever. Their first game was against Tri-City Plan B, who they had played the previous year with no success. Coming together with some spectacular jamming and blocking, the Sirens pulled into the lead at the half (111 – 74) and kept the momentum, skating to a 207-170 victory, their first of this season.

The Vixens followed these 2 RVRG victories with another against the tournament’s host, Tri-City Thunder (Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, ON). At the half, the Vixens held a solid lead with 90 points to Thunders’ 43. In the second period, Thunder rallied and began chipping away at the point differential, but it wasn’t enough. The Vixens emerged victorious: 186-156.

Sirens and Roc City B-sides at Beaver Fever 2015

Sirens and Roc City B-sides photo courtesy of Paul DeVisser of PDV Photography.

For their second game of the weekend, the Sirens faced the Roc City B-Sides (Rochester, NY). Both teams played hard and left it all out on the track. Sirens had a slight edge at the half, with a score of 103 to the B-Sides 100, but the B-Sides pulled ahead in the second half. The game ended with a win for Roc City with a final score of 212 to 166. Both teams were all business on the track but all smiles off of it, sharing a post-game celebratory photo under the benevolent mascot of the tournament.

The Vixens’ final game of Beaver Fever brought them up against Queen City Roller Girls’ Lake Effect Furies (Buffalo, NY). The Vixens fought hard, but, suffering some player injuries, the Furies outmatched them and took the win with a final score of 233-132.

In all, RVRG finished the tournament with 3 wins and 2 losses. The tournament was super well run and everyone had a great time playing against some very well selected teams. We’d love to return next year. (Hint, hint! 😉

Summary of scores for RVRG at Beaver Fever 2015:

Saturday May 9th – 12pm
Rideau Valley Vixens (Ottawa) vs. GMDD Grade A Fancy (Essex Junction, VT)
At the half: Vixens 125 – GMDD 55
Final: Vixens 230 – GMDD 92

Saturday May 9th – 4pm
Rideau Valley Sirens (Ottawa) vs. Tri-City Plan B (Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, ON)
At the half: Sirens 111 – Plan B 74
Final: Sirens 207 – Plan B 170

Saturday May 9th – 8pm
Rideau Valley Vixens (Ottawa) vs. Tri-City Thunder (Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, ON)
At the half: Vixens 90 – Thunder 43
Final: Vixens 186 – Thunder 156

Sunday May 10th – 11am
Rideau Valley Sirens (Ottawa) vs. Roc City B-Sides (Rochester, NY)
At the half: Sirens 103 – B-sides 100
Final: Sirens 166 – B-sides 212

Sunday May 10th – 4:30pm
Rideau Valley Vixens (Ottawa) vs. QCRG Lake Effect Furies (Buffalo, NY)
At the half: Vixens 64 – Furies 155
Final: Vixens 132 – Furies 233

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