Our reflections on Beast of the East 2015

The Beast is our jam! Here’s what we have to say about our recent jaunt to Montreal:

What a difference a year can make! I attended Beast last year, nervous and excited and overwhelmed by the sheer number of teams and colourful derby people. My team was eliminated in the first day (after coming up against our fierce league mates, the Prime Sinisters!) and I enjoyed a full day of derby watching the following day, screaming my lungs out in some of the most exciting derby I had seen at that time.

Beast-Kids2015 was my second Beast, and it did not disappoint. I was given the dubious honour of going into it on a 3-jammer rotation for the Slaughter Daughters. We had a fantastic run this year, making it to fourth place after a heartbreaking final jam in the third place game against Filles du Roi. We played five games in total against some amazing teams and had a blast. When off the track, I was again able to watch some incredible derby and catch up with derby friends from other cities. One aspect of Beast that strikes me every time is the camaraderie of derby players from across Quebec and Ontario; I feel so privileged to be part of this extended family of such strong, amazing women. I can’t wait for next year!
-Wreck Therapy

It was my first time at Beast and, man, did I have a blast! Such an intense weekend. I loved how the Prime Sinisters rallied together and played so cohesively. It’s all thanks to the RVRG magic!

This was my third Beast and the highlight for me was getting to jam! I like jamming every once in a while, especially with awesome blockers making holes and making jamming feel easy. What really struck me during the tournament was that our league makes it super easy to change positions and still feel like you are doing a great job. Scrimmaging together so much has so many benefits; we all mesh together so well.

Beast-SculptureThis was my 8th Beast (I’ve been with the league since we founded it), and it’s a tournament that I still love. Beast has a great vibe where the teams are competitive but still friendly. The arena is situated in a terrific neighbourhood (Mile End), and I get to see a lot of the friends I have made over the years. Something really cool about this year is that the trophy was designed and made by the stepfather of one of our players: Jamie’s Got a Gun. It was a superbly-welded fire-breathing metal monster, of course. The highlight for me, though, was watching the Slaughter Daughters’ game against Filles du Roi for the 3rd place position. I was sitting next to Pretty Pants’ daughter who kept screaming, “That’s my MOM!” It was incredibly fun and exciting! My wish for next year is that all three of our home teams get to participate, as this year one of our home teams didn’t get in via the random draw. And what I would really LOVE is for an all RVRG Final next year.
-Drunky Brewster

A recap of Scores for RVRG at Beast of the East 2015:

Game 28: (Battle for 3rd place) / Slaughter Daughters (Ottawa): 110 – Les Filles du Roi (Montreal): 116

Game 26: Slaughter Daughters (Ottawa): 10 – Rouge & Gore (Quebec City): 84

Game 23: Slaughter Daughters (Ottawa): 88 – Skateful Dead (Kingston): 78

Game 22: Prime Sinisters (Ottawa): 34 – Casse Gueules (Quebec City): 145

Game 13: Prime Sinisters (Ottawa): 81 – La Racaille (Montreal): 50

Game 11: Slaughter Daughters (Ottawa): 71 – Gore-Gore Rollergirls (Toronto): 70

Game 5: Prime Sinisters (Ottawa): 89 – Atom Smashers (Durham Region): 56

Game 4: Slaughter Daughters (Ottawa): 164 – Thames Fatales (London): 2 (Record for the most points scored in a 20 min game at Beast)

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