RVRG’s 2015 VIP Season Pass – “The Pinecrest Edition”

Here’s an amazing deal on the RVRG VIP Season Passes to get you into the FOUR events we’ll be having at the Pinecrest Recreation Centre in Spring/Summer 2015!

For just $35 the RVRG VIP Season Pass gets you into all FOUR of our home game events at Barbara Ann Scott Arena inside the Pinecrest Recreation Centre at 2250 Torquay Ave. VIP Season Pass holders get special seating, a free beer, and a small gift at every event. Additional bonuses, like a chance to snap a pic with your favourite derby girl, await!

Starting right now VIP Season Passes are only $35.

The next 4 events at Pinecrest Recreation Centre are:
Saturday, May 16th (doors at 7pm)
Saturday, June 13th (doors at 7pm)
Saturday, July 4th Double Header (doors at 5:30pm)
Saturday, July 25th (doors at 7pm)

Don’t miss out. This is the last chance to get in on the VIP Season pass this year. Otherwise, you’ll pay $10 in advance or $12 at the door per event.



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