Home Team Championship

By Wreck Therapy

This SATURDAY the Prime Sinisters and Riot Squad will face off in the Home Team Championship Finals. This is the game we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve seen the three home teams fight it out on the track in all the previous games, we’ve laughed, cheered and (some of us) shed a tear or two. But it all comes down to this final game. Who will be victorious and take home the trophy? We will finally see!

Before the culmination of a season’s worth of sweat for two of the home teams, you can catch RVRG’s internationally ranked All-star team, the Vixens, take on the Green Mountain Grade A Fancy from Essex Junction, Vermont. These ladies have been training more than ever and are ready to bring the hard-hitting action!

So be sure to come out and support all your favourite teams on Saturday, July 19 at Mlacak arena (2500 Campeau Drive). Doors open at 5pm!

RVRG in the NEWS:

Did you happen to catch this very nice gallery of images that the Ottawa Citizen compiled from our super fun Roller Derby Expo at the Rink of Dreams on Saturday July 12th? See it here: http://ottawacitizen.com/gallery/0713-roller

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