Beast Recap and Looking Ahead

By Wreck Therapy

A few weeks ago I achieved one of my many derby goals: playing in my first Beast of the East tournament with the Slaughter Daughters. As this is a building year for all three RVRG teams, I was incredibly proud with how well we all did.


Photo by Joe Mac/Midnight Matinee

As Riot Squad’s Co-Captain Sister Disaster notes, “The highlight for me was watching and feeling Riot Squad gel! We went from being spanked by La Racaille in our 8:40am game on Saturday to almost beating them on Sunday afternoon to finish 4th out of 16. Not bad for a newly formed team that hadn’t a game or private practice yet!” Highlights for the Slaughter Daughters included our win against London’s Thames Fatales, which was pretty emotional for us. It was our first win of the tournament (and the season), coming after two tough losses. But our game against Prime Sinisters was my favourite of the weekend by far. Even the commentators took note that for the first time ever at Beast, two teams were warming up cooperatively on the track together. The good-natured “sibling rivalry” and camaraderie during this game made it incredibly fun to play.


Photo by Joe Mac/Midnight Matinee

P.S. de Resistance, Prime Sinisters Bench Manager, says, “I was thrilled to be part of the team, and it was amazing watching PS learn to play together as a team more and more as the weekend progressed; each game made them a little bit more cohesive.” D.D.T., Prime Sinisters Coach, notes, “The highlight for me was our win against Rouge et Gore who ended up being a dark horse in the tournament and quite a challenge for the team. It was also great seeing RVRG hold their heads up proud and strong for another Beast of the East.” Be sure to come out to our next double header on May 24 at Kanata’s Mlacak Arena (2500 Campeau Drive) where the Prime Sinisters will face off against Riot Squad!

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