The race for the first ever RVRG Home Team Championship begins!

By Wreck Therapy

The Home Season is at last upon us! First up on April 12, the Slaughter Daughters will take on the Prime Sinisters. I asked some of the ladies about their expectations, what they are most looking forward to this season and how they are preparing individually and as a team.

“I expect some very close games with minimal point differentials. I also expect to see a lot of home team pride and community within each team. To prepare, the Prime Sinisters are really working on our team dynamic; getting used to being with each other on the track. I think learning how to play and work with our individual skill sets is a top priority for us.” –CarnEDGE, Prime Sinisters, Jammer/Blocker

“I am super excited and super nervous to play my first game in front of a crowd. How am I preparing? Practice, practice, and more practice! Also, some cardio work and strength training.” –Lady Mayhem, Slaughter Daughters, Blocker

“I am most looking forward to working with the awesome RVRG coaching, training & referee crew this season.” –Heiny Valentine, Riot Squad, Blocker

“I’m really looking forward to the home team championships because it marks a big step in RVRG’s evolution. We’ve been developing this league for years and to be at a point where our structure, numbers, coaching staff and referees can support 3 home teams is an amazing accomplishment for us. As a co-captain, I’m hoping we can prepare the team to remain calm, happy and focused on the bench.” –Drunky Brewster, Prime Sinisters, Blocker

“I’m preparing for the season by getting as much track time as possible with my teammates.” –Translatorminator, Prime Sinisters, Blocker

All three of our home teams are also headed for Montreal Roller Derby’s Beast of the East. Like many RVRGers, this will be my first Beast tournament. I’m nervous and excited, but totally confident it will be a positive experience. As the Slaughter Daughters won the tournament last year, we have some pretty big skates to fill. Here are a few other comments about Beast, which takes place in Montreal on April 26 and 27:

“This will be my first time at Beast and from everything I’ve heard, it’s a wicked event. I hope that not only will the Prime Sinisters make a good debut, but that the other two RVRG teams rock it as well!” –InfoMainiac, Prime Sinisters, Blocker

“I am stoked about the Beast of the East. Ever since I started playing Roller Derby I have attended this tournament. I have always wanted to compete at Beast and am grateful for the opportunity to participate with my new home team.” –Heiny Valentine

“This is my sixth Beast and it’s my favourite tournament all year round. Because the games are only 20 minutes, fitness and aggression on the track are a huge factor. From the first jam the team has to be focused and well warmed up. In fact, they’ll need to be PRIMED.” –Drunky Brewster


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