A Chat with the Coaches

By RVRG’s very own, Wreck Therapy

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about this coming season! To get the inside scoop, I asked our home team coaches about the draft process, their strategies, and their thoughts about the upcoming season.

First up, I spoke with the Slaughter Daughters’ Coach Nate:

SD-Nate-HomeTeamCoach_March2014Q: What did you look for in players as you were choosing teams?

Coach Nate: First of all, what a privilege to get to coach the Slaughter Daughters. It has been amazing to watch the growth of this team over the past five years. It’s incredible to now be a part of the future of this team. During the home team draft, I chose players who are about to “break out” as fantastic derby players, players who at practice demonstrated to me two very important attributes: determination and athleticism.

Q: What do you expect from the players this year?

Coach Nate: I am hoping the Daughters of 2014 will be focused, humble, and respectful of all players. I hope they can be cool, calculating derby machines that won’t let up until they win the championship.

Q: Can you tell me your strategy for this season?

Coach Nate: Strategy, huh? Well, I hope my knowledge of the rules and experience as a ref can be transferred to my players. I want to teach them how to play to the very limit of the rules, how to adapt quickly, move faster, and play smarter

Q: Anything you’d like to say to the other home teams?

Coach Nate: To the other teams, I say good luck! We all have a mighty challenge ahead!

Q: Anything to say to the fans?

Coach Nate: COME WATCH THIS and bring ALL your friends – this really is the best sport in the world!

Next, I spoke with the Riot Squad’s coach, Massacre:

RS-Andrew-HomeTeamCoach_March2014Q: What did you look for in players as you were choosing teams?

Massacre: When I first heard of RVRG’s plans to dissolve Riot Squad and Slaughter Daughters and introduce a third home team I was very excited. This is good for roller derby in Ottawa as it brings a storyline for the fans to follow as well as a level of uncertainty that anything can and will happen this year as we head towards the league championships. I wanted a team built of skaters who were driven to succeed. I was also seeking a balance of size, smarts and skill. I believe whole-heartedly that I accomplished this.

Q: What do you expect from the players this year?

Massacre: What I expect from my players this year are the exact things I expect of myself; nothing more, nothing less. I expect a strong dedication to succeed and a concentrated work ethic. Above all else, I would like my team to be able to trust one another and to trust in the system I will be putting into place. If we practice how we play and are all pulling on the same end of the rope, winning will take care of itself.

Q: Can you tell me your strategy for this season?

Massacre: We will be concentrating on a position-first mentality this year; “If we are in position the game is forced to go through us to continue.”

Q: Anything you’d like to say to the other home teams?

Massacre: This is going to be an exciting year! I know that the coaches of the Slaughter Daughters and the Prime Sinisters will have their teams coming prepared for every bout as I will with Riot Squad.

Q: Anything to say to the fans?

Massacre: Prepare yourselves for the most competitive season in RVRG’s history. It’s going to be a RIOT!

Lastly, I spoke with the Hymen Cahoots, the coach of the new Prime Sinisters:

PS-Deb-HomeTeamCoach_March2014Q: What did you look for in players as you were choosing teams?

Hymen Cahoots: I am unbelievably excited to be able to work with Ottawa’s newest team, the Prime Sinisters. There were a few things I kept in mind with team selection. I wanted to choose solid, consistent skaters. I wanted veterans who work well showing the newer skaters the finesse of what we do. In the newer girls, I wanted the right attitude because I see great potential. Of course I was also looking for a mix of stellar jammers and solid blockers who can get the job done. I thought about individuals as well as lines and the team as a whole.

Q: What do you expect from the players this year?

Hymen Cahoots: From the team, I expect great attendance, a stellar attitude and TEAMWORK. I want to take the team’s goals and help to coach them to meet and exceed all expectations.

Q: Can you tell me your strategy for this season?

Hymen Cahoots: I cannot reveal my strategies, but I will say we will skate our hearts out to be the #1 home team. Prime Sinisters is full of talent, skill and potential. My goal is to push everyone to meet their full capabilities as individuals and to work together to get the win.

Q: Anything you’d like to say to the other home teams?

Hymen Cahoots: I wish Massacre and Coach Nate the best of luck for the 2014 season.

Q: Anything to say to the fans?

Hymen Cahoots: Thank you for supporting the Rideau Valley Roller Girls. We are very excited to have a new home team, and with your support and cheering, the Prime Sinisters will fight tooth and nail to get the win. So wear your purple and green, and we’ll take care of the mean!

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