The RVRG Experience: April 2013 – Sirens off to a rockin’ start!

The Sirens’ first game against the Durham Derby Devils was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Most of us went into it with a few nerves, not knowing what the Devils would be like on the track but were happily surprised as the game unfolded. Although it was hard to watch from the bench, I was thrilled to see my teammates come into their own both individually and as a team. They worked together, stayed calm and held back the opposing jammers. Sirens dominated the first half and it was thrilling to watch our jammers jump out of the pack and race around the track while the blockers held back the Devils’ jammers. In the second half we lost some momentum and our jammers had more penalty problems. The most exciting part of the game for me was the last two jams, when we lost our jammer to a penalty and the Devils began to close the distance in points. But our blockers held that wall and kept the jammer back until the time ran out. The bout ended with the Sirens at 180 points, Devils at 154.

Sirens’ Coach AxxiDent noted Sirens’ success is mainly due to consistently playing “our” game, something we had discussed in team meeting prior to the bout. The idea being whoever plays their game first will be able to set the tone of the bout and the team most comfortable with the playing style will tend to win. Other contributing factors were calm bench managers and the relaxed, fun-loving attitude of the Sirens as a team.

I agree with Sirens’ Jammer AustinTatious that this first win will “really help us build up confidence in the way we play ‘our’ game”, as well as give us confidence in ourselves and our teammates.  Co-Captain Slaughterberry Shortcake echoes this sentiment and also notes that “the first half of the bout showed us what we are capable of, and the second half gave us a lot to grow on. So we’ll keep moving forward and growing, but undoubtedly, together.” I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for our next game to see what we can do we this as our starting point.

~ Wreck Therapy

Upcoming Bouts:

At the end of April (April 27/28) the Slaughter Daughters and Riot Squad will be playing in the Beast of the East in Montreal. The Sirens’ next game will be May 11 in Cornwall against Seaway Roller Derby.

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